Welcome to my little section of this great big Internet!

I can't possibly expect you to visit this website and hire Technovate without knowing more...so here goes. Grab your popcorn.

My name is Mike and I am the Founder and Chief Executive Coffee Drinker and Dog Walker at Technovate! I was that teenager that all my friends, family members, and neighbors would call to fix their computer. 20 (ish) years later, I'm still at it, but I focus on Small to Medium-Sized businesses (except for my parents...I'm their 24/7 IT support on full retainer of $0 per hour). Disclaimer: I use lots of exclamation points! <-passion

What do I love? SOLUTIONS!

I love to hear about a business and help them make decisions on how to modernize their IT and overall Tech. Should I keep my files in a service like Dropbox? What's the difference between Office 365 and G Suite? How can we migrate the 20 computers in our office and our server to a cloud-based solution? What type of security do I need to keep our information secure? Why should I be using two-factor authentication? How can I move to a VOIP provider for my phone services? How can we get our database to send a text message via an API to our clients when their order is ready? These are all questions I answer!

Analyze -> Procure -> Migrate/Setup -> Maintain....that's the ultimate goal to ensure your business runs properly, keeps your customers happy, keeps your employees productive, keeps your QuickBooks from catching fire from your IT budget, and makes your life easier!

What is Technovate?

Technovate is a company I incorporated (finally!) in 2018 after being a sole proprietor IT Consultant for 12+ years. Technovate is primarily run by me, but I arm myself with many other IT professionals for the right tasks. Not every company can afford (or even need) a full-time IT manager, and that's where I come in. Managed services, implementations, and remote support is mainly what you need to keep your IT running like a well oiled machine. You don't need to waste time purchasing computers, software products, figuring out licenses, etc. We do all that heavy lifting for you and act as your sole contact of IT for everything.

Why Technovate?

Passion. Personal Touch. Enthusiasm! You are not handled by a sales department, a call center, or deal with endless amounts of people. You deal with me, sometimes my business partner, and in extreme cases, someone else I trust in IT.

I'm experienced! I have been consulting for MANY clients over the past 12+ years. I have run IT for a medium-sized business for 15+ years. I have assisted with projects with Fortune 500 companies...and the most important, a majority of my career had me liable for extremely sensitive financial and personal information for a vast client base.

Let's make this official...

You need to protect your company. You need to make sure a company you are working with is legitimate. Technovate is licensed and authorized to operate a business thanks to the City of Smyrna and the State of Georgia. We're insured with a variety of Information Technology policies. We have registered partnerships with most major Tech companies. Lastly, I have a shiny degree from Penn State where I took a TON of IT courses for things I already taught myself (yeah, that's me).

Thanks for listening and enduring all the exclamation points!